If you are new to baking or short on time, you may find fondant flowers and intricate lattice is simply not possible. However, this doesn’t mean you have to present a dull and boring cake! There are plenty of fun, easy ways to design and decorate a cake that will not only look great but also taste great. Some of my favorite ideas are found here.

Use Trix as Polka Dots

Yes, I’m talking about the cereal. In fact, you can even opt for the generic brand – it tastes the same and looks just as cute! Simply make small “piles” of icing all over the cake and then stick the colored balls on top. It really is that easy. You can choose one or two colors, or make it a multi-color creation.

Cut Up Some Twizzlers

Is it spring? Or, do you have someone celebrating their birthday who just loves flowers? If so, Twizzlers are the answer to a cute, springy cake. Simply cut the Twizzlers into small pieces and create bouquets of flowers. Add some green icing stems and you’re good to go.

Freshen Things Up

Fresh mint, raspberries, blueberries and virtually any other type of fresh fruit will make great cake decorating accessories. Use them on the sides and top for a beautiful and tasty cake creation that party-goers won’t be able to wait to dig into.

Create an Embroidered Cake

How, you may wonder? After all taking a needle and thread to your cake probably wouldn’t turn out too well! No worries, all you need is some colored sprinkles and a bit of imagination. You can create countless embroidered looking designs in any theme the birthday boy or girl likes!

Use Cookie Cutters to Create Clean Concoctions

Creating a birthday party for a first birthday party? Use a “one” cookie cutter, dog, cat or anything else and fill in, or around with icing, sprinkles or anything else to create the design of choice without the need for much time and effort. Once the design is complete, simply lift the cookie cutters away and you are ready to party.

As you can see, with a bit of creativity, you can create a fun, fully-decorated cake quickly. Even better, none of these ideas cost very much and you may have some of the ingredients in your cabinets! Talk about a win-win!

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Fun, Easy Ways to Decorate Your Next Birthday Cake