I don’t want baking to define me because there is much more to my life. I have a boyfriend and great friends – who all love my cakes. When they come over to our small apartment in Malta, they expect some type of sweet to be there – if not, they know I must be dead… Maybe baking does define me, after all. When I’m in a good mood, you can expect light and fluffy – such as a vanilla cake with delicious whipped vanilla bean frosting (drool!). But, if I’m not so happy – like when my BF, Greg, is too busy to go supply shopping with me – I bake heavier desserts, such as a Reese’s Overload cake. Don’t get me wrong, Greg is great, but working for an gambling company means he is glued to his computer screen managing those silly free spins or online rummy campaigns for 14 hours out of the day so people can play those casino slot machines for free and other casino games like Hi Lo. Do you want to play these games, อยากเล่นเกมไฮโลออนไลน์จะเล่นได้ที่เว็บไหน? And to make matters even worst he now started online trade bij de beste forex broker van 2020. But yeah being the best girlfriend as I am I always bring him a sweet treat in the middle of a long day though; he says my smile and delicious baking make his day better. Who would have thought? lol Okay, enough with the mushy stuff. Back to why you’re here. Cakes. Desserts. Treats. Anything Sweet. If it is out there and sweet, I know about it. I love getting a little crazy and inventive with my concoctions. In fact, just this past summer I made a Fruit Loop topped cheesecake – it was the hit of our summer BBQs! Keep in mind, baking wasn’t always my job – but it has always been my passion. After working several years in a mail room at a prestigious Malta magazine, I knew it was time for a change. It took a leap of faith and tons of support from my friends and BF, but now – here I am – ready to share with you everything I know and can do. I want to help other people who have a passion for baking. While I will definitely be sharing some of my tasty treats and new ideas, you will also find quite a few tips, tricks and time savers to make baking more fun, easier and ensure success! So be sure to visit often, ask questions and share your own ideas and treats. I hope this blog helps you find a passion for baking and creating sweet treats for everyone in your life. Chances are they will thank me for your newly found abilities!

Hi, I’m Elaine and I Love to Bake