Last week we got a special request. Well, maybe not so special if you consider that we are quite active in the online casino world. After all, we have partnered up with Cinnamon Casino with appropriate slot machines and we created a bake day along with Betway Casino. This were all great experiences that helped us fulfil the request by Monsino Casino. The request was as follows; the casino was organizing a family day for all of its employees and wanted casino inspired snacks and sweets. We had to deliver these, which proved to be quite a challenge but in the end we managed.

Roulette cake

Even though the focus this day was supposed to be on slot machines as all participants were getting a no deposit bonus, we decided to start with a roulette cake. At the entrance everyone was welcomed with a special casino inspired ceremony and the big roulette cake was revealed. It ended up really looking like a roulette table, including the colours and the bet options. Many people had said they were sad to see it being cut open, but it was made to be eaten and so it was.

Blackjack table

Throughout the event there were many tables that were set up as blackjack tables with the cards laying in normal blackjack positions. The only difference was that these cards were made out of marzipan. Many people took place on the tables hoping to play a game of blackjack, but they soon realized that these card decks weren’t real. Much to the joy of the children that were present. When finally all the eatable cards were eaten, some real blackjack games were played, but only by the adults and not for real money.

Little slot machines

However, our masterpieces were the slot machine delicacies. As the day revolved around the no deposit bonus, slot machines had to play a big role in our menu. First we made little gummi bears shaped like slot machines. These were bigger than usual, but with the same flavour and in the same colours. We also made little marzipan slot machines that were laying around everywhere with the gummi slot machines. But the best pieces of work were the two life size slot machine cakes that we revealed with fireworks. This was the most spectacular part of the day and got us a lot of applause.

No Deposit Bonus

Monsino Casino organized this day for its employees and their families to introduce the new no deposit bonus. The casino had never worked with such a bonus before and thought it deserved a special event to make employees enthusiastic enough about it to be able to sell it to players. This no deposit bonus is special as it is not only for new players, but also for players who decide to return to Monsino Casino. They will all get 15 free spins for 15 different slots. There are 45 slot machines to choose from, which is also quite unique for an online casino bonus.

Monsino Casino

This online casino is all about player satisfaction. It holds surveys regularly to discover which slot machines players would like to see and which they would prefer gone. Players can also request casino bonuses. These requests are being seen by higher management and this had led to the event described above. Without the players’ suggestions the casino would still not offer a bonus zonder storting.

Special bake day