I’m a messy baker. You know I’m in the “zone” when there’s flour on my face and butter on my fingers. If you are passionate about something, you have to be willing to get “down and dirty with it!” Getting down and dirty with baking has the added advantage that virtually everything you use is tasty and worth trying!

Have you ever wondered what style of baker you are? While this may not be the first question that comes to mind, it is one that is fun to think about.

The Giver

For example, a giving beaker is one that is enthusiastic about what they do. They don’t really experiment, but rather go “by the book.” They also like to serve desserts that are “tried and true” favorites of their friends and family. I think this is because they aim to please! There is nothing wrong with that and I totally agree with being enthusiastic about what you do – but what fun is life if you don’t experiment a bit?

The Methodical Baker

A methodical baker is one who relies heavily on the recipe and who look at baking as a science. They know they will get the results they want by following the rules and outline. They typically never have baking fails.

While I totally respect this style of baking – I still don’t think it would be much fun, but hey, that’s just my opinion!

The Competitive Baker

I must admit, I love to be the best. I have even entered a few contests and found I was VERY competitive! This is the baker that has a dominant personality (eehhmmm…yes, that’s me) and perfectionists (not necessarily me). I love to win and want things my way – but perfect is way over rated! I want it to be tasty, but if it doesn’t look like the book – I’m okay with that.

The messy baker is not an “official” category, but I feel like that is the best way to describe my style. I use the best ingredients, but there are usually as many in the bowl as there are all over me and on the counter – it’s just my style!

Maybe that’s why friends never want to bake at their place…hmmm…something to chew on!

Whatever your baking style may be, embrace it and enjoy the experience. After all, that’s what it’s all about (and I don’t mean the hokey- pokey)!

As always, happy baking!

What’s Your Baking Style?